Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Erase & Reset the Netduino Plus

This post is a step by step guide to resetting your Netduino plus in case it becomes unresponsive. Is your Netduino plus not responding? Can't deploy a project to the Netduino plus? Can't Debug your project on the Netduino plus? Tonight I tried to run someone's sample project and it caused mine to hang. The White LED and the Blue LED stayed lit and it became completely unresponsive.  Rebooting it did not help, nor could I deploy another project to it to try and fix it. This is how to reset the Netduino plus.
  1. Unplug the Netduino plus from the computer (and an external power supply).
  2. Start MFDeploy.exe Start > Programs > .Net Micro Framework 4.1 > Tools
  3. Change "Device" to "USB". The actual device (pull down will be blank)
  4. Hold down the pushbutton on theNetduino plus (don't let go)
  5. Without letting go of the push button, plug the Netduino plus into the computer
  6. Within 5 seconds... press "Ping" and you should see "Pinging.... TinyBooter". If it says TinyCLR you did not complete everything quick enough so you need to start over.
  7. Quickly press "Erase". Press "OK" to continue. This will erase the Netduino application ONLY. The Netduino plus firmware will not be affected by this procedure.
  8. You should see a dialog box (picture above) "Erasing Deployment Status"
  9. When the dialog box disappears and it has completed the erasing procedure, you can disconnect and reconnect the Netduino plus
  10. You should now be able to deploy another application to the Netduino plus.
If this procedure fails to recover your Netduino plus, you may have to take the drastic measure of erasing and reflashing the firmware.


  1. When do you release the reset button ?

  2. I try it on Netduino Plus 2 but device doesn't compare on dropdown list when I attach it (so ping and erase does not work).
    Any suggestions?

  3. i am using neduino plus 2
    after compilation system(netduino) does not run simple blink program
    it shows ready
    there is no reset button
    it has only one button which is connected to port

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