Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Setup Netduino Plus Development Environment

To get started with Netduino plus development install the following software. I would recommend you install everything in this order.
  1.  Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010 (get it FREE here)
  2. .NET Micro Framework  (get it FREE here)
  3. Netduino SDK (Free download)
    Download 32-bit Netduino SDK v4.1.0
    Download 64-bit Netduino SDK v4.1.0
Now that you have all the software installed, let's test that everything is working. The drivers for your Netduino plus should have already been installed with the Netduino SDK. If they don't seem to be working you can download the drivers from the Netduino website

You are ready for your first Netduino plus project.